Concierge Services

If there is anyone out there who could use a little help juggling his or her act, it’s a caregiver.
We at Amazing Grace Care Services Inc. provide you and your loved one the opportunity to participate fully in activities and special events that further enrich our client’s daily life. We have a team of specially selected caregivers with diverse backgrounds that serve as a concierge for our clients who wish to attend cultural events, charitable events, or a great evening on the town.
Our highly skilled caregivers know how to dress appropriately for events, use proper etiquette and have great conversational skills.

The Amazing Grace Care Services is able to provide an array of at home concierge services at your convenience such as:

  • Assistance in and out of the car
  • Restroom assistance
  • Schedule family vacations
  • Arrange for individualized transport for travel
  • Accompany you to lunch at your favorite restaurants
  • Make dinner reservations
  • Assistance for dinner out with family or a special family gathering/reunion
  • Purchase tickets on your behalf
  • Provide a caregiver to transport and accompany you throughout your special event
  • Accompany you to a symphony, play, theater event, charity event, museums, and more
  • Accompany you to a ceremony or a charitable event
  • Plan and accompany you to the spa; therapeutic massage, pedicure, or manicure or hair salon
  • Assistance with pet appointments and needs for grooming and care
  • Assist or do retail shopping, personal shopping for gifts, clothing, etc.
  • Accompany you on a trip out of town to visit family or friends

If you need help from our personal concierges, give us a call at 703-955-4913 for a personalized care plan.

Amazing Grace Care Services looks forward to providing you with the structured care you need in your home – whether it’s for yourself or a loved one.



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